The Jungle Bunch Giveaway

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The Jungle Bunch is a delightful movie about a cute and loveable penguin named Maurice, voiced by Golden Globe® and Emmy®-award winner and New York Times best-selling children’s author John Lithgow, debuting on DVD & Digital Download on May 29, 2012, from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. The Jungle Bunch movie is the incredible story of how a Penguin’s egg fell off an Antarctic ice floe and somehow ended up in the jungle. Adopted and raised by an affectionate tigress, Maurice is totally convinced that he is actually a tiger! He divides his time between hunting, re-painting his stripes and teaching his own adopted son, Junior the Tiger Fish, his own special brand of hunting techniques. Maurice, Junior and all their jungle buddies form a happy, go-lucky but rather dysfunctional family. Ping and Pong, two penguins from Maurice’s native Antarctic village, are in search of “The Great Tiger Warrior” to save their village from an oppressive group of walruses. Their search leads them to Maurice’s jungle home, where they tell him of their plight. Determined to help, Maurice, joined by Fred, a warthog convinced he lives in a musical; Batricia, the only bat afraid of the dark; Miguel, a more than primate gorilla; and Gilbert, a tarsier afraid to leave his limb, form a team and embark on an adventure they will never forget!

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